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When I reached a place called " THE REAL WORLD"

They say there is something wrong, when nobody whom you know hates you. Well this was a situation with me till i was in class 5th. I have this habit till today that i love to be friendly with everyone in this world. Now, its not possible but you know when you are small you can be a friend to everyone in this world.
So, when i came in class 6th i have to go to the boarding school. First time i was going away from home, but you know i wasn't upset. I was going 500 Kms away from my parents but i wasn't upset. Surprising isn't it. Well infact i wasn't upset because i knew now i will be living with hundreds of my friends that i always dreamt of. I will be having fun every night, though i know there will be rules but hey no rules can stop you from having fun if you want to. I got selected in boarding school exam, and then on 6th of July 1999, i was there without parents amidst my friends ( or what i thought them to be). I made many friends, every day we used to play and have fun.
Everything was fine until one night, we had a power cut and we were having fun in our dormitory, suddenly our Dorm Prefect asked us to be quiet. He was just 2 years elder to me. Then suddenly someone hit me on the head and i shouted in pain. No one said anything, suddenly the dorm prefect came and gave me the tightest slap i ever got in my life. After that light came and i was standing in middle looking at everyone, all of them were laughing. Even the ones who hit me ( I know who they were) but i couldn't take their name or else i would have been punished again as one of the them was our Mess Prefect. I felt like crying but i can't, there was no one to console me, i didn't have my dad who can beat those guys, i didn't have my mom in whose lap i can dig my head and cry. And then i realised that yes am all alone far away from home.
But hey, you know that for each one of us at every turn of our Life's Journey god has appointed someone to take care of us. In every such situation when whole world turns against you, you will always notice that there is someone who is there for you, who will always support you and you know what the best part is, many a times its a stranger. :-)
Same thing happened with me that night, after that incident we had our dinner time. Everyone went out and at the end of the dorm Vivek Kumar was sitting(He too was my senior). He called me, and consoled me. And you know i cried in his arms. I haven't talked to him before that and i again never had a personal conversation with him after that night but for the next two years in boarding i always found him by my side whenever i am in some kind of a problem. Many a times he didn't even let me know that he is helping me.


" Yayy India won dude.", Aashi said.

"So what you have to pay me 10 Pounds, Sehwag hit more sixes than Afridi", Asif shouted.

" Bloody hell this Sehwag, i hope we had Afridi in our team. Dude you are so lucky that Afridi is in Pakistan." Aashi said in an upset voice.

"And you are even luckier, your brother told me that before shifting to London. You had your last dinner in Sehwag's Restaurant. I would love to be an Indian if it means i will get to eat in Sehwag's restaurant every now and then.", Asif told while feeling jealous of Aashi.

" Toh what, i will tell my dad to get take you with us next summer. When we will be going back to India for a vacation. But only if i will get to see the pics from your Karachi trip.", Aashi literally begged him.

Obliging he took her to his place. And they both sat around for 2 hours while looking at pics from Karachi. The beach, Karachi National Stadium, Teen Talwar Chawk, National Museum, Mohatta Palace.

" Hey whats that ? " She enquired.

" That's Frere Hall, used to be the city hall during the British Rule and its amazingly beautiful.", he said proudly.

They looked at those pictures, until it was lunch time. As usual, she had lunch at his place and Asif's mom had prepared non-veg specially for her.

" Amina aunty you have been to Kashmir also ?", she questioned while looking at the picture hanging on the wall.

" No dear, that's Hunza valley near Gilgit River. You can say its a sister of Kashmir but Kashmir is much safer.", said Amina aunty.

" Why so ?", the girl questioned again.

" We have Talibans there destroying the beauty, like the terrorist doing it with your country. ", Aunty said while serving her the rumali rotis.

" That means it is dangerous to go there ??"

" Yes beta, but this photo was of the time when i was a child. We used to go there during vacations, that time it used to be a pretty good tourist spot. In fact, people used to do special guide courses. Because tourism was the main business at that time. But now its all over", sadness overshadowed Aunty's smile.

So that's,

Aashi :- A 14 yr old Delhite girl, shifted from India 2 months ago. She and Asif were neighbours, Asif was her only good friend in London. She used to spend all her time there only, as her mom and dad were working. She didn't have a brother and thus treated Asif as a brother. She loved Strings and Jal. Her latest crush was Ali Zafar and she had a dream of visiting Pakistan once in her lifetime.

Asif :- A 17 year old guy, he was in UK since he was 8 yrs old. He had memories from Karachi, but now he is more or less a Britisher. He loved cricket and loved Sehwag more than most of the Pakistani players. He used to get angry whenever someone asked him, if he hate India because they were the main rivals of Pakistan. He used reply that he can't hate a country whose citizens remind him of the people from his country. He can't hate the people who speak almost the same language and eat the same food.

" Hey did you notice, because of this British Kingdom we are from different countries and now because of this same Kingdom we are almost staying together. And I have got a brother now.", Aashi said while standing on the batting crease and waiting for the ball.

" Ya and thanks to them our people will not get the chance to cheer the Female Afridi.", he said while looking at one more six she hit.

" Come on my Virender Sehwag, you can still cheer me up. Like us Indians, who love to see Afridi hitting one boundary after the other.", she said cheerfully.

They both used to play cricket every evening. He was happy that now he had a partner with whom he can talk about cricket most of the time.

" Hello Mr. and Mrs. Gupta ", Amina Aunty said with a smile.

Asif with her mom came to Aashi's place for the dinner 2 weeks before they had to leave for India. Aashi's mother had promised Asif that she is going to make Rajmah Chawal and Gajar ka Halwa for him.

" Bhaijaan, Aashi must have told you about Asif accompanying you guys. He really wants to go to India", Amina said.

" Yes of course Didi, Aashi would love to have her new brother on this trip." Aashi's dad replied.

" She is so excited that she has already made a list of the places where she is going to take Asif", Aashi's mom said while laughing.

Aashi's dad called her and asked her to inform her grandfather about the exact date of arrival.

" And haan Asif ke baare mein bhi batana"

" You haven't told him till now papa ", Aashi asked confusingly.

" Nahin beta you tell him, he is your friend"

" Friend nahin BROTHER ", she said while faking anger.

She called up her grand-dad.

"Namaste Dadaji, we will be reaching on 15th June"

" Yes, beta i am waiting for you guys desperately. And for my cute little doll i have already bought a very nice gift", her grandad said affectionately.

" Wow dadaji, even am bringing someone with me."

" Haan, tell me who is it ? ", he questioned.

" Dadaji, his name is Asif. He is from Karachi and he loves India. He takes me as his sister and i asked him to join us in our trip."

" He cant come.", he said in a stern voice.

" But why ?? ", shockingly she asked.



Our fight is against terrorism, not against a common man from Pakistan. A terrorist is a case of a person brainwashed continuously for years. Like any Indian common man, a Pakistan's common man too think about his kids, his family,his salary and about the food he is going to eat. They don't care if Kashmir is in India because even if comes in Pakistan its not gonna benefit them.

But still most of us think each of the Pakistan's citizen is plotting against India, everyone of them want to destroy India. And this is not true, lets eradicate this thought from our mind and not let terrorist be successful in their mission.

To make every Indian hate every person from Pakistan.